In ancient Greece, instrumental music instilled fear for its ability to propel the listener into unbridled flights of fantasy. Clinging to this maxim, LOS SARA FONTÁN decide to explore the irrational, refusing lyrics and breaking with the classic forms of production and reproduction.

The classic and contemporary violin of Sara Fontán plus the polyrhythmic energy of Edi Pou form LOS SARA FONTÁN. They do not record albums out of militancy: their field is live performance, always physical, passionate, punk, ever changing and permeable to the environment, stimulated by the doubt of whether it is possible to develop a musical career without following the productive routines of the industry.

Together they are capable of creating minimalist oases, garages full of noise and oil, beaches where time expands, impassable walls of sound, bases for the rapper that lives inside you, romantic precipices or underwater acrobatics... giving freedom to the listener to unleash its imagination.

Sara uses the violin as a starting point, she twists it through electroacoustic processes in order to develop a varied palette of sounds and invoke multiple natures. At his side, Edi Pou (half of ZA!, referents of the European underground) takes on the challenge of transforming percussion into melody and tightening the dynamics from the minuscule to the epic, breaking with Western patterns of classical drumming.

His music is open source. The prolific duo composes with other artists and recomposes their creations to open them up to the collective and interdisciplinary:

  • Duo performances: in less than five years their already tour around Spain, Portugal, France, Finland, Switzerland and Germany. Performing from international festivals (One Of A Million, BAM, AMFest, Norpas, Eufònic, Alhambra Jazz), to Do-It-Yourself temples (del Liceo Mutante al Kastanienkeller de Berlin).
  • Collaborative performances: SO (LSF + Amorante, 2021); 4132314 (LSF + Tarta Relena + Cocanha, 2022); Laboratorio Dos Riscos Impossíveis (LSF + Fontainhas neighbours, Porto, 2021).
  • +Movement: Los Sara Fontan + Sonia Gómez (2023)
  • +Poetry: Los Sara Fontan + Blancallum Vidal “La Princesa sou Vós” (2022)
  • For theatre: Sound design for Concrete Matter, Los Detectives (Antic Teatre Barcelona, 2022)
  • Sound installation: Insectòdrom at Centro de Arte El Bòlit de Girona (2022).
  • OST: Original sound track for Magaluf Ghost Town (Toronto Film Festival, 2021).
  • Educational: Taller Componer Jugando a Cartas, created to collectively compose through consensus.